“Cases are built from Honeycomb Structured plastic, Aluminium, Wood or Mdf depending on application and mode of transport. Size or weight is no restriction – simply give us an image, the dimensions, weight and mode of transport. Allow us to design the perfect transit packaging solution”


Whether you need to display your products to a client in a well laid out and titled case or need to show a mini prototype live, we can offer you a solution complete with facia and mount inside, digitally printed with part names and your logo.


Your equipment is at the heart of our design. Building outward with engineered precision, we add features like anti vibration, shock mounting or combined density foam packs as we go along.


Complete Kiosks are designed to ensure you deliver the most efficient services is a regular and recurring job we handle. Pre wired Desks, inbuilt foldable legs in lids of cases to make it your work table attached to the main Flightcase body, wardrobe cases and the kind are our forte.