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Cases are custom built for innumerable applications, suitable for transit by land, air, sea or hand-carry, from an array of materials including wood, aluminium, ACP, MDF, engineered plastic and honeycomb structured boards. The general construction follows the guidelines of ATA300 specifications in most cases.

Wide range of use-in-case options are designed to suit individual applications and our team has access to an array of hardware suitable for each application. Whether it be over sized cargo or the most sensitive electronics to be transported over rough conditions, we can deliver solutions.

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Precise measurements using digitizers, complete Acad rendering, precise CNC programming for drill, cut and engrave operations coupled with routing, use of Oscillating and tangential knives or Lasers result in solutions that are world beating. Both on the inside and out of your case.

Like we say – you dream up a design & we will dare to build it !!